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Dec 18 2012, 04:45 AM
I Iaughed because it was so obsurd for Dan to be Gossip Girl. When Serena went missing do they not remember he and Blair teaming up to find her? They waited by the laptop together for GG to answer them..

To me Dan being GG was a total cop-out and lacked shock value.. I mean he is a writer. Heck it would have made more sense if it had been anybody but Dan. Anyway I'm glad it's over.. After they ruined Dan/Blair's friendship for no reason I was done. I watched with the remote in my hand to ff the crap which was pretty much all except for Dan scenes.

Dan is the only character I'm going to miss.
despite it really so obsurd for Dan to be Gossip Girl.that part i think explain since mention jenny knew and help that jenny sent him unfortunately they can not explain other stuff that happen that show dan can not be gossip girl

despite i think dan is the smartset of the rest in show and could fool everyone its not fit dan as character to be gossip girl and sent some cruel stuff to people he loves dan was the most moral guy in show now is gossip girl common

it sad how the ruin dair not only as couple and the friendship too and blair treat like the first epiosdes in seaon one they were on the best part in show
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