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Dec 18 2012, 05:10 AM
I think Dan had to be "ruin" in order for Chair to work again. I mean the guy was willing to sell Blair for a hotel, while Dan and Dair were shown to be flawless up till the end of season 5. This entire season to me has been rushed, especially chair and derena's reunion. Blair was absolutely ridicolous towards Dan this season, all out of the blue IMO.

Only thing I miss about this show is Dair.
i mention too in my first post in the process they try ruin dan to show is not fit to blair they also ruin for serena too which is funny since plan to hook with serena after they finish ruin dan and to show chuck is better which btw one the funniest moment on show chuck call dan souless and sad part is not suppose to be funny

i knew chair and derena will endgame for sure especially since season 3 but even i could writing better better ending to chair and derena as couple despite i not shipper of them that fix most the shit stuff in last 3 years
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