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Dec 18 2012, 05:10 AM
I think Dan had to be "ruin" in order for Chair to work again. I mean the guy was willing to sell Blair for a hotel, while Dan and Dair were shown to be flawless up till the end of season 5. This entire season to me has been rushed, especially chair and derena's reunion. Blair was absolutely ridicolous towards Dan this season, all out of the blue IMO.

Only thing I miss about this show is Dair.
Dan/Blair had one of the most profound relationships on the show. It was Gossip Girl! If they weren't going to continue with the relationship, I wish they would have left them friends instead. Now they expect us to believe Dan intentionally broke he and Blair up? I hate Dan was sacrificed to make Chuck look good. But I'm sure Chuck fans would see differently.. Sighs...

Alas no frets over spilled milk it's over now so I will go back to watching Monday night Raw with no interruptions. :)
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