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Dec 18 2012, 06:32 AM
Did anyone catch Sami's facial expression in the background when Nick revealed to Rafe and Hope that he and Gabi "got together a lot sooner than everyone thought"? She was visibly disgusted, lip curled up, side-eying them, the whole bit. Sami Brady, please. You move your ex-husbands/baby daddies around like musical chairs and you have the nerve to judge the breakneck speed at which other people fall into bed? Hilarious.
I did catch that look lol! but wasn't sure if it was because she knew that it wouldn't go over well at all with Rafe. I couldn't tell if it was disgust or an "oh no this is going to be bad" kind of look.

I enjoyed Gabi and Nick today, even though I don't really care for their characters. I like how their love and closeness is being written (at least for today) like when they were on the park bench. They're the only couple who have some romance and unity in their relationship. There are no secrets between them, no third party trying to get romantically with either one of them and they are working together for what they want. I feel bad for Will but I see that's he's trying to do the right thing by this baby, and his relationship with Sonny.

Maxine referred to Jennifer as Jennifer Horton...what's up with that? JnJ were back together and supposedly engaged, wouldn't she be going by Jennifer Deveraux?
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