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Dec 18 2012, 06:32 AM
Did anyone catch Sami's facial expression in the background when Nick revealed to Rafe and Hope that he and Gabi "got together a lot sooner than everyone thought"? She was visibly disgusted, lip curled up, side-eying them, the whole bit. Sami Brady, please. You move your ex-husbands/baby daddies around like musical chairs and you have the nerve to judge the breakneck speed at which other people fall into bed? Hilarious.
I caught the expressions (there were actually several), but I don't believe that they were the least bit judgmental, personally.

The camera made a point of panning over to Sami several times, even before Nick entered the pub, and it seemed to me that they were making it clear that she already knew why Gabi and Nick had each given a different date of conception. In other words, Sami knew that the explanation was going to be that Gabi had slept with Nick earlier than everyone had been led to believe. She wasn't judging Gabi -- in fact, I think that she's the only one of the three who wasn't judging Gabi and Nick at all. She was simply squirming over the awkwardness of the situation and bracing herself for the inevitable fallout when Rafe learned the truth.

But that's just my take on the matter, and while I don't know how you personally feel about Sami (and it's not relevant to the discussion anyway), I do realize that I like Sami much more than a lot of my fellow DR members do (I can't stand seeing her with E.J., but that has nothing to do with her), so it could be that I'm simply more willing to give her the benefit of the doubt.
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