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The DiMera brothers take some time from their busy holiday schedules to visit their sisterís grave. Abe wanders by and the three of them mourn a little together. When Abe drifts away, he runs into Kayla. She quickly realizes that heís at loose ends over the holidays so she invites him to spend them with her family. Meanwhile, Chad decides that itís time to get closer to his family, and that includes actually trying to get to know Cameron.
Sonny brings Will to the mansion to celebrate Christmas with the Kiriakis clan. Brady slips away from ladling eggnog to meet up with his secret lady. She surprises him with a rare photo. He hopes they can make things work in the long term. Across town, Doug and Julie arrive for the holidays. Julie worries about Nickís rushed wedding. All the same, Gabi is welcomed into the Horton family and they hand her an ornament of her own to hang. Will and Sonny drop in to hang out while Hope and Ciara speak to family across the globe via the wonders of technology. Meanwhile, Rafe brings Syd a stuffed penguin. Samiís impressed until he explains that he has plans for the holidays. The blond contemplates whether the new year will include Rafe or Elvis. And Ericís family celebrate him giving his first Midnight Mass. Nicole isnít feeling so festive though, particularly after Eric tells her all about the priest who died in his place in the Congo. However, things look up when she receives a surprising message.
Brad and Kristen lounge in bed until her siblings show up and he has to leap out the window. As soon as the DiMera complete their gift-giving, Brady crawls back through the window and back into Kristen. Elvis has gone off to see Sami, who has been listening to a lecture from her brother, Father Eric. EJ is eager to know where he stands with Samanther, but Johnny interrupts his questioning. Meanwhile, Chad gets invited over to the Horton house by Abby. The family funnel around the town. Doug heads to the hospital to read the Christmas story while Maggie, Abe and Kayla manage to force Victor to play Santa. The awkwardness continues as Lucas pulls his sister and mom into the Horton festivities.
When Sami confronts Rafe about avoiding her over Christmas, he confronts her with the close moment he saw her sharing with Elvis. Rafe declares that heís sick of her games. Meanwhile, EJ tells his little brother that his game to get Sami back is working. He hunts her down and asks her to spend New Yearís Eve with him. Since no one else is interested, she agrees. Her brother receives a date invitation as well. Nicole asks him to hang out with her since sheís got no one else. The priest turns her down anyway. Conveniently, she bumps into Rafe so they decide to ring the new year in together.
In spite of her almost cancelling on him, Jenn and Daniel actually do wind up on a date. Meanwhile, Jennís daughter almost gets an invitation from Chadsworth after EJ points out that Mel is never coming back. Chad stops himself when he finds out she already has something to do. Across town, John worries that his son wonít have anything to do on the big night. He suggests that Brady grab a woman and they have a double date. When Marlena hears this, she explodes. She covers by claiming that itís time for them to butt out of Bradyís personal life. Brady continues trying to keep all of his free time filled up with Kristen. Kristen still finds the time to bump into Marlena and stick it to her. The shrink is so furious that she encourages her husband to pay Brady a visit when she knows that he will be bumping uglies with Kristen.
Will has nightmares about being pushed out of his childís life. Gabi tells him thatís no nightmare, thatís whatís happening and he had better get used to it. He mopes. She feels bad. Meanwhile, Nick continues to make enemies. He and Sonny have some not too festive words. Later, Nick bumps into Kate and plays hardball with her over her business offer. When she doesnít give him what heís asking for, he tells her to get lost.

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