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Neither promo was terrible, for once...but neither was that great either. I liked Lucas and the slap, but I'm so tired of Jennifer and Daniel taking over all of these promos. There must be some serious focus group out there that is insanely in love with that pairing because I'm not seeing it. I already can tell that Lucas is going to go crawling to Jennifer to apologize and she's going to apologize and whine about Jack for two seconds then they will forgive each other and Lucas will accept Daniel. That is worse case scenario and the most likely to play out. So basically even the good in that promo bothered me because this show is stupid.

Like someone else said, the SoapNet promo really seemed like an old-school ABC promo from back in the day when people were just watching the soaps like crazy so they didn't need to try to make it seem like something crazy. Just a conversation that could potentially be taking place in real life between two friends that sets up a weeks worth of story. I'm not saying its good or bad. I personally like it, but definitely don't think its going to cause one extra viewer to tune in because of it.

Overall...this show is still treading water. There is nothing going on that's worth tuning in to see.
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