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I loved Faye last night. Brandi got in Adrienne and Lisa's business, but she can't handle it when it someone comes into hers, and owns her. Loved seeing her retreat. Maybe the dumb bitch is growing up.

And I loved Mauricio calling Brandi out on her shit.

Anyone else see a little hint of Season 1 Camille last night, especially with Taylor. Loved it! I can't wait until she fully comes out later in the season.

What the hell was up Taylor's ass? Aren't she and Adrienne supposed to be friends? Taylor's probably still pissed Adrienne wouldn't pass herself off as Kennedy's godmother like Taylor tried to say in Season 1. I usually don't mind Taylor, but she annoyed me last night with her hysterics. I'm glad Kyle and Camille were there to keep things from becoming about Taylor.

And way to go Kim! Stand up for yourself. Probably was the wrong time and place, though.

So we also met potential-housewife-who-didn't-really-make-the-cut Marissa last night. Nothing too great yet. We'll see what she brings to the table.

And why the fuck is Yolanda on this show?!
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