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DrewHamilton- you and I are total opposites on this show. Lol.

I still don't get how Brandi got up in anyone's business by answering a question to a group of people who would never take that info outside the room...except that they did, which makes me think whatever Brandi said is not that bad.

And Faye- standing in for Kyle/Adrienne- was full of shit and totally baiting Brandi. What exactly did she want Brandi to say? How could Brandi say anything specific without getting herself into even more of a mess (it was EXACTLY the same setup as last time- people pushing Brandi to explain things; why would Adrienne's friend do that if not to gather more evidence against Brandi)? Why do you have to send an orchid (smirk) to someone to prove that you're sorry? It was all so absurd. And scripted.

I think it just made me take Brandi's side about whatever it is.

Taylor's hysterics were the first time I believed she'd been in an abusive relationship. Loved Kyle's eye roll, though.

JMHO of course.
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