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not sure if this is the correct forum to post this in

Best Soap
General Hospital

TV Guide says this was a soap that was DOA last year, and was merely waiting to be cancelled like AMC & OLTL were in favor of cheap reality programming. Instead Brian Frons exited the network and GH was handed to OLTL's HW Ron Carlivati & EP Frank Valentini who amped up the action, humor & romance, and energized the cast by adding top stars from GH's past as well as popular refugees from Llanview. Dreary messy GH became a thrilling, surprise-packed can't-miss experience.

TV Guide says the moral of the story is, don't get rid of the soaps, make them better

Best Actor
James Scott

TV Guide wonders why he's not the biggest move star on the planet (me: rolleyes: ) They say JS had a dynamite year from EJ as mayor, flip-flopping between Nicole & Sami, and blackmailing Will into a skeevy master-slave relationship

Best Actress
Jane Elliott

Too long relegated supporting others, she finally achieved leading lady status as GH's uberbitch Tracy Quartermaine & left us breathless with her hilarious, ferocious, utterly brilliant work. There's no reason at all that we should care about Tracy, but we just can't help ourselves. That's the magic of Jane Elliott

Best Supporting Actor
Doug Davidson

They call him a quiet powerhouse-who plays one of the few true heros in soaps, and wonder why he has yet to win a much deserved emmy He had one of his toughest storylines this year when his character unintentionally killed his own son and nearly went to jail. Davidson's performance was so beautiful & poignant that it made our souls ache

Best Supporting Actress
Robin Mattson

Mattson returned to GH in all her high-camp madness, her character Heather somehow declared sane & released from Ferncliff asylum. She's so fab, we don't care if she bumps off half the peeps of Port Charles
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