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I agree that this is probably one of my favorite seasons. And I totally agree with Shawn about the fact that One World renewed my love for the show, but then this season totally won me over again. And since I just had two favorites of mine win in a row (Kim and Denise), I'm guessing someone I hate wins FvF2! lol

I'm so happy for Denise, she and Malcolm have been my favs since the beginning. But I didn't like Malcolm's bitterness. He had only himself to blame. Since he blew Denise off, she had every right to fight and save herself at his expense.

I was also unpleasantly surprised when Penner showed bitterness at the last tribal. I mean, DUDE! You played this for the third time and you call yourself a game lover. Why in God's name wouldn't you respect other people's moves then, even though it meant getting rid of you? It was unnecessary.

Loved the Pete/RC moment at the reuinon.

And Dawson kissing Jeff was FREAKY!

Can't wait for FvF, but I do agree that I'm kinda "meh" with their choices for the favorites. I do have two really big favorites coming back, so I hope they stick around (and hopefully work together...)
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