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Dec 18 2012, 02:45 PM
Thats the only reason she is back..to prop up GAGGIFER. I hate you Tomlin, you fucking hack writer. Destroying characters, killing off babies..making everyone think that Dr. Dorito is some kind of fucking saint. UGH UGH!
This is a bold statement, but I'm going to make it and I truly believe it: if Days does not survive and gets cancelled in the next year, one of the main reasons will be because of the propping, pimping, multiple character assassinations, killed off characters, rewritten history and sacrifices made for the character of Daniel Jonas. I've lost count of how many couples and characters that have been butchered for this useless character. The only way that Nadia's exit will be decent to me is if her and Daniel leave together, assuming the a-holes make Parker Daniel's son.
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