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Dec 18 2012, 03:26 PM
Just because NB is going at the end of her short contract--which I suspect is her choice--doesn't mean that SC is necessarily staying. Especially if his own contract is up in Feb. or March 2013. There's an interview with him in the new SOD in which he raves about working with AZ and expresses great enthusiasm for Daniel's upcoming storyline with Chloe. What does he say about Dannifer Redux? Not one word. Granted, it's possible the interviewer didn't ask him about that pairing, but I find that strange, considering that Dannifer 2.0 are getting so much airtime right now. Why wouldn't an actor be asked about a storyline that's currently airing?

My own feeling is that Dannifer 2.0 aren't necessarily set in stone--especially since there's been such a negative backlash against them this time around. A lot may depend on whether this regime stays, or gets the boot in the spring, just like their predecessors.
I know that SC may not stay, but I've come to expect the worst and the worst would be Chloe dying and leaving Parker with his new daddy and Saint Jennifer. :puke: As for SC raving about AZ and his upcoming story with Chloe, that's been SC's pattern especially when it comes to working with Nadia and Danloe. He's been famously quiet when comes to the epic love story of Dannifer. :shrug: All I know is that when I see a post from Jason (or any poster) confirming that SC is leaving, I will do a back flip and party my ass off. ;)
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