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The problem with the Parker paternity retcon is that there's no fallout. Part of the whole switching the baby's paternity thing is to see both sides of the equation. If Belle and Shawn had found out Claire was their child while Philip was offscreen - it would have been monumentally stupid. Particularly since Philip's dramatic reaction to the news drove the story for months. (It was a stupid story, but a story nonetheless.) The only way they should change the paternity (and I am 1000% against it - love my little Phloe dimpled baby) is if Philip is ONSCREEN. A very large part of that story should be Philip's reaction to it!!!! I'm sure we'll get Kate or Chloe saying something like Philip's really sad, but that will be it. It is so dumb to have something like this happen without all the major players onscreen.

And let me lodge my ongoing objection that Philip is, yet again, losing another one of his children.

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