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Sharon Case shines through the shit that is and has been Y&R, but I will never argue with Jane Elliot. She is the BEST actress in Daytime and its not even close, IMO. I really would have been happier with Finola Hughes taking Lead and Jane Elliot taking Supporting. Those two have been phenomenal. That isn't a knock on Robin Mattson. Her acting was superb, but the storylines did go off the rails even more than Heather Webber herself. There should have been honorable mentions or something because it is way too hard to compare the soaps.

Lead Actor is pretty much a "what could have been..." award, IMO. I think James Scott is one of the most talented men in daytime and could be a massive star if he was on a Showtime, HBO, or AMC show...DAYS is just not capable of utilizing what he has so he is just wasted. I think Jason Thompson could have gotten this for the period when Robin "died" and the aftermath of that. His work was on another level from everyone else. Not sure if he ever qualified as "lead" though aside from that short period of time. I don't even have a recommendation for this award because I think the women on soaps far out-shined the men this year.
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