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These promos do look like the old school ones! Sadly, though, the storylines aren't nearly as good as they used to be. The pregnancy thing is wearing me out! It is SO boring! Gabi and Nick are cute, but both characters are bothering me right now! I can't wait until the big reveal that's prob at the wedding. Will has no balls like his mentor EJ. EJami and Dannifer are the worst things to happen on the show since its creation. Chad is being annoying. i hate Krady, but I'll admit they're getting better. There's just nothing worth watching now, except the upcoming Safe and EJole kisses, and the Racole interaction, but after that I think I'll be bored again and just read the recaps. Love that Lucas is having scenes and telling off Dannifer, but it seems like he's going to be as useless as Billie has become, and I fear TomSell will fire BD. I wish we could see a Lumi/Safe triangle instead of the repeated RaJami and EJumi triangles that we've already seen ages ago!
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