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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepshouldall Sami's children? Come on. We've witnessed too many accounts of Ej acting in his own best interest to believe he is suddenly all about the meaning of Christmas and family harmony. He wants Sami! We've had scenes of Allie running into EJ's arms alongside Johnny (EJami wedding, mayoral race off the top of my head. EJ talked at the EJami wedding about his relationship with Allie, how it was positive.

I know there's other stuff. Point is, my basis for believing EJ cares for Allie and Allie cares for EJ is based on more than ONE scene. Just the same as my believing Lucas cares for Johnny still. If I were to go by amount of scenes together and mentions, I would say without a doubt Lucas doesn't give a damn about Johnny. However, I know that's not the case. EJ hasn't moved overseas yet either seemingly abandoning his kids like Lucas did, and I still wouldn't say it.
Agreed. The bold is the stuff that stands out to me - Allie likes EJ. She's even been shown to have a preference for him on occasion. Those kinds of things point to them having a good relationship and to positive interactions that have taken place off screen.
Do you really want someone to sit here and list all the counter arguments? There's at least as many and they're just as valid.
I've seen the counter arguments, but I think it's obvious that I disagree about their overall impact on the EJAllie relationship as a whole.
I realize I"m hung up on this, but I have an issue with the implication that there even is a relationship. That would imply some sort of consistency which there just hasn't been. On either side. The only way to to even show that there's one that's either positive or negative is to completely ignore just as many scenes that would prove the other side. TPTB aren't interested in showing Allie's relationship with anyone, whether it's EJ, Sami, Lucas, Rafe, Will, Johnny, Sydney, or any of her grandparents.
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