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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepshouldall Sami's children? Come on. We've witnessed too many accounts of Ej acting in his own best interest to believe he is suddenly all about the meaning of Christmas and family harmony. He wants Sami! We've had scenes of Allie running into EJ's arms alongside Johnny (EJami wedding, mayoral race off the top of my head. EJ talked at the EJami wedding about his relationship with Allie, how it was positive.
I realize I"m hung up on this, but I have an issue with the implication that there even is a relationship. That would imply some sort of consistency which there just hasn't been. On either side. The only way to to even show that there's one that's either positive or negative is to completely ignore just as many scenes that would prove the other side. TPTB aren't interested in showing Allie's relationship with anyone, whether it's EJ, Sami, Lucas, Rafe, Will, Johnny, Sydney, or any of her grandparents.
I agree that they aren't showcasing her relationships with anyone , which is why I (and a lot of others) joke that no one cares about her), but when we do see her, she's happy and well taken care of, so someone is obviously caring for her and she's obviously formed off screen bonds with people. And most kids don't go around dashing into the arms of people they don't know well or like, so to me, it stands to reason to that EJ and Allie have spent some kind of quality time together off screen. Don't get me wrong, I'm not suggesting that she and EJ are besties who are together all the time, but at some point they must have built the kind of relationship that would result in her being so happy to see him that she'd run to him.

It's like when Eric mentioned knowing a random bit of information about someone Johnny was a fan of - over the years it almost seemed like Eric didn't exist, but we're clearly meant to believe that he was in some kind of contact with Johnny and has been taking an interest in his likes and dislikes.
Eh. I don't want to give the illusion that I care, so I'll shut up. And maybe I'm not wording things well because I think y'all are doing a fabulous job of proving my point, lol.
Maybe lol, because I think we have a lot more proof that things have been consistent than that they haven't so yes, agree to disagree.
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