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Queen B
Dec 18 2012, 09:36 PM
Dec 18 2012, 09:28 PM
Queen B
Dec 14 2012, 11:16 PM
Dec 12 2012, 03:53 PM
So basically I have no hope that Chloe will get a story or pairing I can enjoy. I loved Chilly but instead of asking for that pairing to no avail, EH needs to be just trying to get a new pairing cause Chlovin has done ZERO for her. That pairing is all about GR/Kevin and has been since day one.
I loved Chilly, I have no idea why that pairing got thrown out the window..for what? Chlovin and Villy? Two dead end pairings that don't interest anyone. Chilly had so much potential.
Chilly was a flash in the pan! Thank heavens! IMO they were the most tedious couple ever. If any pairing ruined Billy Abbott's character, it was hands down the ten seconds he was with Chloe and Mac. Both characters were always on his ass, up in his grill 24/7 trying to make him something he wasn't IMO. It was so bad I tuned out after Colleen was killed off because Billy was my favorite character and I HATED what they were doing to the character..... Well that and I was sick and tired of the other camp storylines. Six months later I tuned back in when I saw Billy & Victoria banging off the trailer walls on SoapNet while I was waiting for another soap to air. I've been a fan since.

As far as "Two dead pairings that don't interest ANYONE".... Well they interest ME! They obviously interest a whole lotta people and you cannot judge their popularity by the boards. I have a group of friends that would NEVER venture on these boards saying, "Why would I open myself up to insults and ridicule by a complete stranger?" who love the hell out of Billy & Victoria. In all the years I have been friends with these ladies we have never agreed on our couple ships UNTIL this couple came on. The chemistry between Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle is off the charts. Even in a really bad storyline (and God knows they have had their fair share of really bad storylines since 2010) their chemistry rocks the screen.

I hope for good things from them in 2013!

Insults and ridicule? I was expressing my opinions just like you are. I feel the two actors have absolutely ZERO chemistry and the pairing has watered both of their characters down.

Chloe trying to turn Billy into something he wasn't was what I enjoyed watching. Chloe was a nagging bitch and Billy was a laid back, irresponsible guy who wanted to do his own thing. Their relationship was very realistic because lots of couples in real life have these type of conflicts because of their personalities.

I don't watch Y&R to see Victoria and Billy crawl back to each other time and time again.. how many storyline's did we have for these two and Victoria still forgave his ass? That's not Victoria. Victoria was always a strong willed woman who didn't take shit from anyone, not even her own father! Both characters have been damaged IMO. Billy is a wuss now and Victoria can't live without Billy's cock.
I'm saying that in general and saying it EXACTLY how it has been said to me by my friends. They do not understand why I would post on these boards. It was not at all personal. Hell, I've never been ridiculed or insulted on this board...Others, oh yeah!
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