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Dec 14 2012, 02:38 PM
EJ's office:Sami - You were talking to the kids about this without me? EJ - Yes, on occasion I have been known to parent without consulting you just as you do. Besides all of these gifts are for Johnny and Sydney. None of them are for Allie. Don't you think she'd feel excluded? Sami - Of course she would. I didn't even think of that.
Of course you didn't, Sami. :rolleyes:

The thing (okay, one of many things) that bugs me about E.J. is that when he actually tries (usually when he has an agenda), he has the capacity to be a really great father. If he were consistent and didn't periodically do horrible things to the extreme detriment of his children's well-being he'd probably be the better parent of the two (lots of if's there, I know).

All in all, I liked today's episode. I'm glad Marlena told Hope about Bristen. She needs a sounding board, especially since her husband has been spectacularly lacking in the empathy department lately. I'm along for the ride with Bristen, but as usual Brady isn't very savvy for a guy who's made it to the top of two major corporations (albeit through nepotism). I'd be embarrassed for him if he weren't always so gung-ho and resistant to the well-meaning interventions of others (comes with being a stage 5 clinger, I guess). I'm looking forward to Kristen telling E.J. about them and Sami overhearing. The potential fallout of this is keeping me glued to it.
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