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Dec 18 2012, 01:26 PM
I think the problem is R.C. doesn't seem to know a creative way to make sense for all the delay of not having Robin back on show. It could be he is still puzzling about how work around her schedule and be able to write her back alive or they are waiting for J.T. is he wants to leave when his contract is up.

Either way, it shouldn't stop him from using common sense about not making the vets look stupid!!
I don't know if it's that RC doesn't have a creative way to make sense of the delay - I think it's the fact that Kimberly McCullough's schedule dictates when she can and can't be at GH. I figured something like this was going to have to happen in terms of Robin's story, because we all know KC isn't on contract and I'm not sure she could be considered recurring, she's more of a guest star at this point. So to not have something happen to Robert that prevented him from telling Anna that Robin is alive would not have worked. Because then Anna would have solely been invested in finding her, which I'm not saying is a bad thing but Anna has to drive story. Until either KM is ready to come back on a more permanent or recurring status or Jason Thompson decides to leave we're going to continue to get this little hiccups in the story.
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