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Sami IS a shitty mother! She's been that way since Will was born.
I can't disagree there I mean I think sami loves her kids but I remeber when her and lucas was fighting over Will and Lucas offered her joint custody but that wasn't good enough for sami then when she got full custody back she went and got in a nightgown and called austin over and woke will up so she could use him to play onto austin too.You'd think sami would know how Allie would feel with all her whining about how she was ignored as a child.Poor kids going to have inferior complex issues lol
Am I the only person who thinks that it's silly to criticize Sami's parenting skills? I mean, let's be honest -- of the four children, Will and Allie are the lucky ones. At least they will never be forced to live with the knowledge that their father raped their mother (personally and by proxy), faked the death of one of his own children, led the other child to believe that Sami didn't love him, framed one of their grandfathers for a crime that he didn't commit, and blackmailed and bullied their older brother for months...not to mention all of the other things that I'm forgetting.

Maybe it's just me, but I'd take "neglectful mother" over "psychopathic father" any day of the week. Sami's not perfect, but at least she's not E.J.
Sami, Lucas and EJ have all done psychopathic things; all four kids could get to hear the story of the time Mom tried to kill Dad, and the Will doll, framing someone for murder, and a reckless act that put a preschooler in a coma aren't exactly the foundation for heartwarming stories.

Personally, I think it'd be kind of cruel to bring Allie into a room full of gifts with Sydney and Johnny's name on them, even if they were being given away.
Any mention of the Will doll just makes me:

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