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A tad bit bitter? :rolleyes: Pulling a distraught and crying Johnny from his mothers legs as Allie stands by stunned? This a man who cares about all Sami's children? Come on. We've witnessed too many accounts of Ej acting in his own best interest to believe he is suddenly all about the meaning of Christmas and family harmony. He wants Sami! Plain and simple he is doing what he is doing because he sees it's working for him. If it weren't he would turn on a dime. The man is not his sincere self and therefore I take his proclamations to be self serving.

I disagree. I think EJ's hurt and bitterness at that time was well justified. Did it cloud his judgment and prevent him from acting in the best interest of the kids? Absolutely. But that's a human reaction that many people would have - and few would ever get over as thoroughly as EJ has.

But I think that incident is the exception in how he's behaved regarding all of the kids - not the rule. Looking back over the years EJ has generally been portrayed to care deeply about Allie and has been shown to go out of his way to include her. I agree that he's always been hung up on Sami but I don't think that's why he's been conscientious about Allie. I think that stems from all the time he spent with her when he and Sami were living together when the twins were babies.
I disagree with both of you. It mostly comes down to inconsistent writing. EJ hasn't consistently been written to show he cares for all the kids, especially Allie, and he hasn't consistently been shown to not care either. There's no rule, only exceptions. I find it weird that we're having this conversation in the first place though because I still don't see how what happens today is supposed to show EJ being considerate of Allie. IMO, it shows EJ and Sami both being inconsiderate to her. Maybe Allie will murder them. That would be nice.
Oh I am so on the crazy murderous Allie train. I know SORASing Allie requires SORASing Johnny but if she turned out to be angry and hate the Swine she would be my new fucking hero!!!
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