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Sammie Jo
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Dec 19 2012, 04:51 AM
What really nausueated me is when he said his daughter came running to him and see what I left in the toilet. He looked and told her it would be bigger when she was grown because he makes huge turds in the toilet. THen he said you do want to grow to be like daddy and have big turds. That one said to me he is teaching his his children to be as arrogant and obnoxious as he is.

I told him no one gave a great big damn about his farts or his kids farts so he needed to quite trying to be so cute and funny on twitter with shit like that. Then I told him he was disgusting. He replied back. You don't like it then get off my twitter page.

He talked several times too how loud and smelly his farts were.

I sure don't think that was one bit cute and not appropriate for a so called soap actor to say..
I think he meant to tell his daughter, "do you want to grow up to be a big turd just like daddy?"

That's just disgusting to talk like that, shows zero class, is really so arrogant that anyone cares about his turd size or how his farts sound or smell?
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