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Dec 19 2012, 09:04 AM
Dec 19 2012, 08:17 AM
Dec 19 2012, 12:32 AM
Leather pants.... ugh - is AS having way too much say in her wardrobe? I get that she wants to show off her weight loss, but it just doesn't work for the character at all. Wish they would let some of the other actresses dress themselves too - they would look A LOT better.
Why would she want to show off her weight loss from ten years ago? IDK if she dresses herself or not, but I've never been given any indication that she does. I think they all get to choose from a selection, though, and I personally don't understand why she doesn't veto a lot of the crap they give her, but per some of her past tweets and blogs she seems to think Sami looks cute, so whatever.
Yeah, well, surprise Ali...you don't. Who could forget the short, plaid, Catholic school skirt complete with bouncy ponytail....Ugh.
I agree with everyone who thinks Sami's wardrobe is hideously unflattering sometimes. Some of the hairstyles we've seen lately are terrible to the point of being distracting. When AS is well put together she can be beautiful, so unless this is deliberate and someone on set really does not like her, they need to do better. Also - Abigail's up-do on Monday: not cute. KM is stunning but that particular hairstyle did not flatter her face at all. And last but not least, Kristen - ED is a gorgeous woman, but what's with the hair? At least today it wasn't the stringy mop that we were seeing for awhile, but come on! ED always looked beautiful on Y&R and while Kristen's style is not the same as Ashley's, DAYS can up their game a little bit.

Overall I don't have a lot of issues with how they style people, but when they get it wrong they get it really, really wrong. Or maybe it's just me. (This concludes this edition of JessicaLeigh is Catty and Possibly Unfairly Nitpicks Other Women's Appearances.)
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