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Dec 19 2012, 08:39 AM
I have a bigger interest in debating why Allie has not been seen that much since Lucas came back than I do about debating that she 'has a relationship with Ej'...there is no reason now for not showing the kid, her father is home he can be with her and we can see her, but since apparently anything Lucas related has to be shoved to the back burner or not spoken about period, then I guess we will continue trying to debate this shit...let's be real here...everytime the kid ran into Ej's arms is because she was with a sibling that just happens to call Ej their father. It's sort of normal I guess for little kids to follow along and that in itself is not a sign that she loves the guy or has any type of relationship with him. I think she realizes that he's Johnny and Syd's father and she is fine with that as long as a little kid can be fine with it. Does she love EJ? Probably, again with that same notion....but again, she's also witnessed Ej being pretty horrible to Sami. I can't imagine that seeing Ej hover over her mother, leading her to scream in fear of EJ is anything positive for the Ej and Allie so called 'relationship'. My biggest argument for this notion that he loves a kid that isn't even his flesh and blood, is his treatment of his own children, HIS own flesh and blood and how he made Johnny suffer during a very serious illness because he just HAD to get revenge on Sami, or how he called Sydney 'that' after he raised/cared for her from birth because he all of a sudden thought she wasn't his kid...not to mention how he kidnapped her, took her from her mother and put her with a virtual stranger to the child at that time. Sure Ana is kind, loving and was great to Syd, but let's face it....she was a 'stranger' to baby Syd.

I know children are basically plot points and the reasons we've seen Johnny and Syd so much is because they have been used to drive story in the past....but let's be realistic here, Ej needs to show love for his own children CONSISTENTLY to make me even believe the guy cares two shits about Allie.
Not rehashing the other stuff right now, but who's more of a stranger to Sydney; the woman she lived with, or the mother she'd seen once or twice? EJ has done a lot of terrible things, but Sydney was not exactly with the nuns from the orphanage. And apparently engaging in a little "hide the baby" is perfectly fine when it comes to his kids.
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