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Dec 18 2012, 07:42 PM
We never see anyone with Allie. Not her mother, father or siblings. It's like they have stuck her in a closet somewhere!
This has always been my take on it, the only time you saw Allie or heard about Allie was a holiday event like Halloween before Lucas came back. Now you see her every so often or hear Lucas say something like he's dropping off her backpack and the conversation turns to Will. I'm glad Lucas is back and that Allie is being utilized on somewhat - but honestly with the exception of a few scenes with al the kids it's been all about Johnny (mostly) and Sydney for the last few years. Sami has barely bothered with her or mentioned her, Rafe only talked to her when he was Rafe 2 and brought her the wrong cookie and she made the statement to Sami she was scared of Rafe. Allie has been since Chloe/Lucas broke up the forgotten child to the writers.

EJ hasn't been focused on Allie at all until now and it's only to get at Sami's twat. I don't fault EJ for this, Allie is not his child and he really hasn't had a relationship with her, hell Sami didn't want him to have a relationship with Johnny or Sydney either. Rafe supposedly cared for all the kids but his dialog was also written to be more about Johnny/Sydney due to the fighting with EJ. IMO Sami is the one that never mentioned Allie at all when referring to her children and that is my biggest issue.

This latest attempt for the EJ/Allie connection is probably more to do with TPTB reading the boards and how we consistently said Sami was a horrible mother and how Allie has been the neglected child.

I do like that Lucas seems to have Allie for the Horton Christmas at the very least she gets some kind of special attention by the writers to include her there if only in presence doubt she'll get to utter any lines. :-/
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