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Dec 19 2012, 12:23 PM
I just think it's a weird year to pick James Scott. He really hasn't had any good material anyway. But maybe none of the other actors have either.
Like I said, I think they are just forgetting the writing and saying "James Scott because he could potentially be doing great things." Like you said, he has had NO material that warrants him getting a Lead Actor award. But this has been a very weak year for male actors, IMO. I don't think James Scott deserves to win this award, but I don't have anyone different to offer up to argue for. Jason Thompson was only a lead for like two months at most, so its hard to call him a Lead for the year. Doug Davidson is incredible, but not a lead at all.

As for the Roger Howarth, Michael Easton question...Michael Easton is not a good actor (although I don't hate John McBain like everyone else and I'm fine with him being on GH) so he's out of this equation come Emmy time. Roger Howarth, on the other hand, is amazing and it would be interesting to see him nominated for the end of OLTL and nominated again for General Hospital. Can that happen? I know you can be nominated for different roles on different shows like Debbi Morgan last year, but can you be nominated for the same character on two different shows? He probably deserves it. Not a win though.
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