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Helpless Romantic

Dec 19 2012, 03:46 PM
Sami should be written like she was the first 15 years on the show -- as a semi- bad girl. That's the "popular" Sami. Sami the vixen.

I've grown to hate Sami the last 5 years because of Tomlin's obsession with rewriting her character into a heroine. Sami was never supposed to be someone like Marlena/Hope/Jennifer. She's supposed to do shady, underhanded things. She can STILL have a love interest and be underhanded and scheming. Two schemers can be in love. See Sawyer and Kate from "Lost". Their motto was "outlaws in love".

The writing for Sami needs to change dramatically. Less Hope/Marlena-like and more underhanded Kate/Nicole like.
Her character started getting the more heroine writing under Hogan Sheffer in 2007 with the Vendetta and scarificing herself for the family. It has only continued where she was and still is the constant victim to EJ"s schemes against her with his introduction and periods like now where he plays the "I'm a good boy now " card while scheming and doing everything he can to hold onto her. Then the bipolar writing for EJ kicked in with promoting him as the leading man and villian all in one and that IMO was an EPIC fail on the part of all the writers who have been writing for him since 2006 on to the present. You can't have it both ways. Thats why I love EJOLE because both he and Nicole can be badass without pretending to change because lets face it bad girl or not Sami has never accepted him and I doubt ever will. Not that I will ever buy it no matter what.
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