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Dec 19 2012, 02:22 PM
Congrats to Sweeney! 20 years is a big thing, especially in today's soap standards.

I do agree with Sweeney when she mentioned how Scott and Gering are under the assumption that Sami ALWAYS has men chasing after her. Like Sweeney said, that only started happening in the last five or six years. Before then, it was always Sami going after someone else's man. For 15 years! It does put people's complaining about Sami being a whore and leading men along into perspective. That really isn't the case.

In regards to the three main love stories Sami's had (Lucas, EJ and Rafe), I think she summed them up well. To me, Lucas is obviously the most important relationship Sami's ever had. He's been in her life the most. EJ is sort of a temptation, a challenge. I remember reading that Hogan's goal in Sami and EJ's story was to never let EJ do something to Sami or anyone else that Sami's never done herself. That way, they would always be on an equal playing level. Neither one is better than the other. I wish that aspect was still taken into consideration with the couple. And then there's Rafe, who love them or hate them, is Sami's first mature romance. Sami and Rafe are what soap opera couples are all about. They're the standard, so I totally get why they have fans, even though I'm a Lumi fan at heart. I can totally understand that Lucas will always be Sami's first love/soul mate, but Rafe could be considered the love of her life.

Again, congrats to Sweeney! She's come a long way since that 16 year old brat we first met back in 1993. Who would've thought that little girl would one day be the show's leading lady? Not me, that's for sure. And while I'll always enjoy bad girl/scheming Sami, I'll always respect Sweeney's role on the show right now, whether she's written as a heroine or villain. The girl deserves her place.
That's not logical to me because comparing what a young girl did to what a grown man is doing is utterly rediculous. How can what you did ten years ago make you equal to a grown man doing the same thing now? That's why they have juvenile and adult courts. You can be screwed up at sixteen and people will understand and sympathize. At some point, you figure the person will grow up and realize the error of their ways.

Screwed up at 30 (which they've never really explained why EJ is so screwed up) should mean jailtime or some kind of mental illness.

In reguards to her straddling the fence, it is one of the many reasons I no longer have respect for her. I don't care how they write the character. She should know her character enough to be able to say what she considers out of character. I've seen actresses and actors do that. You can say something doesn't fit and still be respectful to the writers. By her pretending that it all makes sense, it just makes her look stupid.

I agree she deserves her place in Salem history. She is the reason I started watching. And she is the reason I stopped watching.
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