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Yeah. AMC would have to be almost entirely restructured in a sense. OLTL could probably salvage a decent portion. If I were handling both shows, I'd rebuild core families. There are so many children of, and, long thought ignored vets that could be brought back. Yeah it could be a bit jarring but it would provide, in some sense, familiarity and also they could jump into tons of new stories while still wrapping up the past.

However, I'm probably giving them too much credit and know I'm shooting for far too much. That's even IF this happens. However, who's to say that the AMC cast isn't ready to revisit their roles? It has been a year. But if I were them, I'd still hesitate beyond belief to sign on with them after what happened last time. And also, Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are also available, something she wasn't last time. And frankly, what has Rebecca Budig done all year? Where has she been? It's not like most aren't available, honestly.

Also, and I'm sure I would have seen it on here somewhere, but have any of the stars spoken out on this yet? I know Chrishell did a tweet.
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