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Dec 19 2012, 06:50 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepI remember reading that Hogan's goal in Sami and EJ's story was to never let EJ do something to Sami or anyone else that Sami's never done herself. That way, they would always be on an equal playing level.
I don't think comparing crimes or what time frame they were committed was the point. I think the point was that Sami could never say EJ did something worse than her. That was Hogan's original plan. It's what he had planned for their story. EJ could do all of these horrible things, but it was nothing Sami never did. It was like EJ was always going to be Sami's reminder of the terrible things she used to do, considering that was around the time Hogan was maturing the character, and taking her out of the scheming role Reilly regressed her into when he returned to the show and into more of a leading lady.

Sounded logical to me back then. Liked the idea back then. Still do.
But the time frame makes it worst. Its worse when an adult does something immature, stupid or even criminal. There is no adult action you can compare to a child action and it would be equal. Even little things.

I come home from work and I see my significant other has skipped work to spend the day playing video games. I go what the heck?! He says you used to do it too. I go, yes when I was ib high school. What's your excuse.

An adult cannot cannot compare themselves to a child and find them equal. You can't see someone as your equal when they are doing stuff you did when you were 16.
Sami's crimes didn't stop when she was 16. They just got worse as she got older. She continued to lie. Raped her sister's boyfriend. Lied about Will's paternity. Lied about amnesia/paralysis. Lied about Lucas hitting Will. Blackmailed left and right. All of that happened (and more) after Sami was an adult.

The idea was a good one to me, and one that really made me fall in love and support the pairing years ago. Can't say I'm still a supporter, but that's because of the terrible writing regimes that came after Hogan.
I must say that I really liked Hogan's writing for the characters, Higley and TomSell really sucks when it comes to writing interesting characters! IMO
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