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Go Lucas! Lucas should've said this a long time ago. Glad it's finally come about. More people should have a problem with Jennifer dating Daniel, but one of the most important people that should have a problem would be Lucas. It's about time! I was rooting Lucas on until he mentioned Jack. I don't know. That just doesn't seem like his place to throw that in Jennifer's face. I'd have liked that coming from Abigail, JJ or Adrienne. Not Lucas. It's not for him to say how soon Jennifer should move on from Jack. So the slap was well-deserved. But so was the Daniel bashing from Lucas. That was deserved as well, and long-coming. Daniel did Lucas dirty. And while I would never think Jennifer would let what Daniel did to Lucas in the past come between her and Daniel, Lucas should never be pro-Dannifer. At least not for a while. If something happens down the line that could possibly change Daniel in Lucas' eyes, then so be it. But until that happens, Lucas should be the biggest protester.

Did they say who had Allie today? Usually when DAYS wants to show their favoritism towards Johnny and Sydney, they'll just give a throwaway line about Allie being with Lucas. Well, we saw Lucas with Jennifer. There was no Allie. And Allie wasn't with Sami and her siblings (where she should be!) either. I hope she grows up to be the biggest brat Salem has ever seen!

Loved Hope's eagerness to be the one to tell John about Kristen and Brady. I like Hope in this busybody role. It's similar to how she was back in 2007 when she found out about Belle and Philip's affair. For some reason, Alfonso comes alive when Hope has her nose in other people's business. I love it. More please!
Jennifer slapped Lucas after he mentioned her becoming another notch on Douche's bedpost not because of Jack. And I don't expect any objections from Adrienne. Hell she pushed Jennifer to date Daniel the first time around when they didn't even know where Jack was. :eyeroll:
The first time, they were all under the impression Jack abandoned them. Again.

As for the slap, that might have been what brought on the slap, but it was after Lucas brought up Jack. I just don't think it was Lucas' place. Like I said, someone closer to Jack, I could understand that coming from and would understand their reason for saying that to Jack, like Adrienne or Jack's children. Lucas saying it just came off as cruel and hurtful. Unnecessary.
Lucas was his best man at one of their weddings. Lucas and Jack usually had a good relationship.
Yeah and then four months later, Lucas was a suspect in Jack's murder. Grreeatt friendship right there LOL.
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