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Viewing Single Post From: Alison Sweeney Discusses 20 Years as Sami
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Dec 19 2012, 07:37 PM
Dec 19 2012, 07:21 PM
Dec 19 2012, 06:50 PM
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Quoting limited to 4 levels deepI remember reading that Hogan's goal in Sami and EJ's story was to never let EJ do something to Sami or anyone else that Sami's never done herself. That way, they would always be on an equal playing level.
Sami's crimes didn't stop when she was 16. They just got worse as she got older. She continued to lie. Raped her sister's boyfriend. Lied about Will's paternity. Lied about amnesia/paralysis. Lied about Lucas hitting Will. Blackmailed left and right. All of that happened (and more) after Sami was an adult.

The idea was a good one to me, and one that really made me fall in love and support the pairing years ago. Can't say I'm still a supporter, but that's because of the terrible writing regimes that came after Hogan.
Most of thst happened when she was a teenager. She did her worst when she was young. And even college age people get more leadway that Ej age.

He is too old to be considered misunderstood. Too old to be kidnapping babies and saying momma don't love you.
Has anyone ever said EJ wasn't mentally ill? I don't think so. I think Sami Brady is mentally ill, LOL. They're one in the same. Which was Hogan's original plan.
I disagree. I dont think Sami is mentally ill. But that's because Sami could be explained with a combination of her imaturity and her past. A 15-16 year old Sami kidnapped Belle because she, in her immature mind, thought she was protecting her father from her mother's infidelity, while saving her parents marriage and she thought she could still give her sister a good home. While screwed up, that's not mentally ill. That's why when John found out he didn't hold it as her. He just steered her into the right direction.

A 16 year old. Sami drugged Austin because she thought if only he would be with her then he would see how much she loved him and he loved her. And they would finally be together. Sami didn't do it to get pregnant. She did it because she was immature and like a lot if young girls thought sex equaled love.

Is that the reason EJ raped Sami? Not that reconned it wasnt rape it was a misunderstanding mess. Is there a rationale to faking Sydney's death? How about Rafe 2? Or stealing organs? Or threstening to kill Will? Or killing that cop... etc

Was it the way he was raised? But wasn't he raised in a normal home in Britain? That what he says when he talks about his childhood. So how does one decide murder, blackmail and rape is fine? Unless one is a nutjob.

How is anything EJ has done equal to what Sami has done in anything other than the most superficial of layers? Like describing the Ouachita River as being equal to the Atlantic Ocean because they are both bodies of water.

Nothing EJ has done can be rationized without some sickness or emotional abuse involved.
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