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Ok, I'm going to post my thoughts NON-Jennifer/Lucas related:

I liked EJ with his kids, but I disagree that he has to "change" for Sami. He needs to remain shady, like his sister. And Sami, you are no saint either. In fact, you are boring and fake as a heroine. Unlike your Mother and Aunt Hope, you don't fit that role. Let EJ be himself, and go "gray" with him. Plot and scheme, great. But don't try to pass yourself off as a mature, wise heroine like your Mom and Aunt. Because that's not how who you are. Carrie and Belle? Yes. Sami? No. You aren't a good girl, so stop a acting like one. And stop trying to turn EJ into one, too. Be yourself. And "yourself" is more Ivy Crane, Kate Roberts, Phyllis Newman and Tracy Quartermaine.

Liked Eric in his scenes with Hope. Liked his scenes with John and Marlena, too.

Shocker of the day? I liked Hope's scenes with Daniel. I thought Shawn and Kristian had palpable chemistry.

Finally, I love Kristen as a villain...but I wish she would show genuine feelings for Brady. Those two work well together.

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