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I think Ali deserves to be congratulated for all she does and for her 20th Days anniversary. Kudos to her. It's so rare that soaps keep their vets around so long and she's been the character that has had the most impact on the show and she continues to have the same impact today IMHO.

Now let's talk a bit about Sami. I don't know what it is, but I've had a love/hate relationship with Sami pretty much since the day Sweeney started playing the character, and in many ways I still consider myself a fan. That being said, my love for Sami is at an all time low and I feel that nothing aside from a brain chip, doppleganger of Sami would salvage the character in my eyes at this stage. I guess that is what happens when a set of writers continously do whatever they can to destroy the character I loved for so long.

I understood much of Sami's behavior early on, even if I didn't always agree with what she was doing, because she was a character that was good in the beginning until a few life changing events sent her spiraling out of control. What I always loved about Sami was her spitfire personality, the fact that at one point in time she loved one man and you had no doubt that she loved that one man, whether obsessive crush type 'stalkerish love' for Austin, truer love for Brandon, soul mate/love of my life love for Lucas or a more mature love for Rafe, she loved the man, and contrary to popular belief, she wasn't fickle and until a few years back, you absolutely knew who Sami loved because Sami would tell us, by either her dreams or her conversations with a mirror, or a stuffed toy, there was no question at all.....Another trait I loved was her selfishness and her desire to get her way no matter who she hurt in the process. How I stuck with the character through so much and still wanted her and Lucas paired I'll never know, because boy she did some shitty things to Lucas that prompted the shitty thing he did to her......maybe it was the kind of writing they gave characters back then, TRUE grey characters with layers, way more character driven and much less plot point BS. Or maybe it was that a teen Sami played by Sweeney came on in Jan and by April there was a teen Lucas played by Dattilo and they just clicked, but the stories were good too, partners in crime, doing awful shit to get those they thought would make them happy, they would start and extend schemes for what seemed like years, but the stories were so much better back then, so much more entertaining, with good drama but also humor built in. Sigh. How I miss those days.

I understood all of Sami's motivations, or at the very least could explain them until about mid/late 2007 and 2008. Even then, the basis of the story was still that if Lucas was around, maybe she wouldn't have been intimate with EJ, however, I still couldn't comprehend after everything she had been through and after watching Sami for so long how Sami would be able to be so easily manipulated by EJ. I guess it never made sense to me why Hogan would let Ej win out in the end there....Lumi being schemers should have united and come up with their own dastardly way to get around EJ and the Dimera Vendetta, screw Kate over too, as she was helping Ej and the Dimeras then and come out on top...but alas..that didn't happen and IMHO the show has been truly suffering ever since that time.....then came Rafe, Grace dying and all that and I could believe that Sami would fall in love with Rafe because he was the man she always wanted to land. Let's face it, it was never in her plan to fall in love with Lucas, but she did...however, in her mind I could buy her falling for Rafe because she had looked for her 'Austin' for so long, and she finally found him in Rafe.....he protected her, risked his job and jail time for her and pretty much was by her side through thick and thin....so yeah, I buy her love for the guy but I don't like what that relationship did to Sami's character. I don't like what the continous attempts to pair her with Ej do to her character either.....and I use to like Brami but the minute that Brandon got obsessive over Lexie, I was done.

I also agree with whomever said upthread that Ali should say if she thinks that something is completely out of character for Sami. What's wrong with that? I hate that PC stance she takes....it's something that has rubbed me the wrong way for so long...everyone knows she has a job to do and I frankly don't think that GG or JS really would give a crap if she would state her preference....but whatever....I'm sure one day she will tell us how she felt and what Sami relationship was in fact her favorite, of course by then the show will cease to exist and no one will really give a shit anymore.
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