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Grandpa Hughes
Dec 10 2012, 05:19 PM
I had my issues with him but there's no denying his legacy.......
Yes. There's no denying that he was VERY lucky to have a writer as gifted as Harding Lemay on 'Another World.' That's his legacy- producing the work of one of the greatest writers in the history of soaps. Not exactly a tough job.

But EVERYTHING that came after (One Life To Live, SB w/Pam Long, GL w/the Claire Labine (another great writer), Millee Taggart, and Megan McTavish debacles, and Y&R with the AWFUL Maria Arena Bell) was pretty much crap, save the mixly reviewed (but critically panned) 'One Life to Live.'

Bill Bell has a daytime legacy. So do Irna Philips, Betty Corday, and Agnes Nixon.


Let's just say his production is only as strong as the writing of his shows, which he has nothing to do with except for hiring & firing all of the wrong people on every soap he worked on and contributed to the cancellation of.

But again, let me re-emphasize, may he Rest In Peace.
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