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Watched at nbc.com.

John is such an asshat. LOL @ Marlena's response to doing pre-Cana stuff.

Something is going to happen with Bo at some point, and I"m wondering if there's a reason they're tying in Shelle and Claire. If they didn't film 14 years in advance, I'd think they'd be back soon.

The Lucas/Jennifer scenes were fine but my favorite part was the reaction of all the Brady Pub patrons.

Sami is insufferable. I wish EJ'd call her out. I'm so glad those two could change each other into cookie cutter good guys with no personality.

Johnny is absolutely adorable. And he absolutely gets on my nerves. But I felt bad for Johnny and Sydney both sitting with Santa Claus and nary a parent paying attention or taking pictures. Also, Sydney is officially taller than Johnny now. They're going to have to hire an infant.

The thing that bothers me most about Bristen now is the thing I was dreading the most in the beginning. But it's not just a Bristen issue; it's an Ejisten issue too. I need them to address that at some point she mothered both of them. I feel like it's a giant elephant in all of their scenes, and honestly, leaving that out really cheapens their relationships.
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