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I don't want Kristen to fall for Brady. I think it's much more fun watching her play him. Using the toy and giving him the sob story was a great way to steadily build his alliance to her. When whatever she has planned goes down, Brady will be thoroughly brainwashed by Kristen.

I'm so glad they let Lucas say a lot of what I as a viewer am thinking. Daniel comes across as a user preying on vulnerable woman and has no problem dumping them at his convenience. He's not a romantic lead, he's scuzzy. I hate that Victor and Hope both sang his praises when Lucas has a much better handle on the town doctor.

Sami just annoys me and her scenes seem not worth the time. To hear her rant about Stefano's and Kristen's past crimes to Ej of all people just make me so very tired. And Ej deciding to be a Lexie clone is downright depressing.

I like seeing Marlena and Hope working together.

Thought it odd that Marlena didn't want to counsel the young couple at first and gave Eric a hard time about it considering her profession??? I'm still not feeling Eric. Father Tobias has more personality.

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