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The latest issue of SOD has an article about John and Brady.

The week begins with John inviting Brady to spend New Year's Eve with him and Marlena. John knows it's been a rough year for Brady and doesn't want him to be alone.

Brady wants to spend the holiday Kristen, but isn't ready to tell his family about their relationship yet. Brady feels guilty about keeping this secret from his father, especially since their relationship has only recently been rectified. Brady considers his relationship with his father and his relationship with Kristen to both be very important. It doesn't seem feasible to Brady to make both of these relationships work at the same time.

As midnight approaches, Kristen crosses paths with Marlena and teases that she has big plans later. Marlena knows she's referring to Brady and doesn't appreciate her remarks. Later, Marlena sees Kristen run into John again. A worked up Marlena suggests John find Brady, completely aware that he's with Kristen.

Her plan works, and John walks into Brady's office and sees him and Kristen having sex. John leaves quickly, but Brady realizes he's been caught and chases after him.

Brady has mixed emotions about what's happened. He's glad everything's out in the open, but he's anxious about dealing with it and moving on. But things aren't that simple.

For all the details pick up that latest issue of SOD.
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