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Nothing to see here--and if John and Marlena are being moved out of the storyline where their presence makes the most sense, then even the Kristen angle loses its impact. Don't even get me started on continued Dannifer and Sami & her carousel of men. I never had any interest to lose in the latter, and as for the former . . . I'm holding on to the hope that something as overwhelmingly hated as Dannifer 2.0 surely can't be intended as endgame. Also hoping that it'll be Daniel getting the hots for Chloe again and wondering if he settled too soon for Jen-Jen, rather than Chloe scheming to get him back because he's so not worth it. As it is, Daniel and Chloe don't even have to hook up longterm to end Dannifer--having them fall into bed one night and be discovered by the Horton princess would do the trick. Given that NB is a looker, I find it impossible to believe that she won't be taping love scenes with somebody. Wish it were Brady, but that doesn't seem to be in the cards this time around.
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