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Can TPTB really be so clueless as to think the audience is interested in version 4.2 of this triangle??? Really, the only new aspect of it is that they do seem to be playing it as an actual triangle for once, rather than just as the evil interloper to twu wuv. I at least like that angle a little better than the previous versions.

But still, it's the same three people for four years now!!! And at this stage, they are literally the same three people because their personalities and the uniquenesses of their relationships have been completely watered down. Ugh. I hate, hate, hate Gary Tomlin's version of love and romance - it's so generic. Give me sexy, manipulative EJ who is trying to bring out the evil side of Sami vs. do-gooder Rafe who is trying to make sure the reformed bad girl stays on the right track. If they insist on a neverending triangle, at least make it a legitimate triangle based on who these characters are!!!
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