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I didn't read it as Rafe "breaking up" with Sami.Sami keeps sending signals to Rafe and EJ.They are not together or dating so why is she asking Rafe why he is distant.I think he is explaining why he is distant and when she indicates she cannot decide between them,he lets her know he is not going to play that game.If she can't decide,he is out,therefore,she has no need to question why he is distancing himself from her.Rafe is beginning to think like Lucas.He loves Sami but he is not going to play her game of keeping him and Ej on a string.I really hope this is the end,atleast for now, of the triangle involving these three,and they do the lock,stock,and barrel EJ/Sami.I wouldn't mind a Nicole,Eric,Rafe triangle.I would love to see Rafe and Nicole v Sami and EJ after Will and Gabi's bady is born and Lucas is also in the mix with Sonny,Will,Justin,and Adrienne.
The title of the article is misleading.
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