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They have ruined the whole show not every viewer is enthralled with the great DiMera family train wreck and I feel they have ruined Sami beyond being good for Rafe! She canít be redeemed in my eyes at this point; she deserves to be miserable with Ej and his great father qualities. She will never be happy with Ej because she will lose her family and part of her children and he will continue to manipulate her. Plus she will always be thinking of Rafe and what could have been.

Rafe has given up everything for Sami, his great job, risking his life for her and her kids, loving her unconditionally, and did Sami appreciate Rafe NO! She has made her choice so letís move on and more importantly let Rafe move on with someone that loves him unconditionally! With someone that wants a man with a kind, sincere, warm and loving heart! This is the least they can do for Galenís character he has put his heart and soul into Rafe for the last 4 years.

They are still dangling that carrot in front of Rafe/Sami fans hoping someone bits. Of course Sami has feeling for Rafe or they would be going their separate ways. If Ej/Sami can bring the ratings up (which they wonít) this will be the couple of the future but if they fail like the last 6 years then it will be back to Rafe/Sami.
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