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About the Todd's secrets coming out threatening to destroy Tarly. Pity the fool who lies to Carly.

Pretty much that Luke has a chance because he wasn't picking on poor Duke and was right and Duke reminds her of Faison.

As time passes it is less likely she will find Jason. What will her interaction with John be? Will she have a moment of closure about Jason.

He is focusing on his job and making a stable life for himself for the custody stuff. There will be lots of police work in 2013 so he will be very busy.

The Quest for ELQ
AJ wants not only to restore his name but have a place to work with Michael and bond with him. Stakes are high for AJ/Tracy. Pickle Lila will come up again. Lucy has a pivotal vote...so AJ/Tracy will be courting her.

The Nurse's Ball
Lucy ties into it. Still not sure of funding. The ball being in honor of Robin will naturally draw Pat and Sabrina together and keep each other in the same orbit. Britt sees the NB as an obstacle for a HEA with Patrick. She perceives Sabrina and the ball to be her enemy. Patrick is fond of Sabrina, and so is Emma...but who knows if he can ever see her as anything more.

There are lingering unanswered questions about what Faison was up to in Switzerland. RC thinks it's important to keep that alive as they head toward the NB that is in a lot of ways...all about Robin.

No bumps in their relationship. Olivia still having visions. Her relationship with Kate/Connie will become important.

Connie is going to become more well rounded and a deeper character and have a deeper relationship with Sonny...even though she has treated him like her enemy. Sonny changed his tactic with her and now she gets flustered around him. Sonny trying to get Kate back will change his relationship with Connie.

Shawn will continue to be Sonny's new BFF in helping with the Kate stuff. Alexis will be involved in a lot of things. She has a lot of lawyer stuff.

RC talking about AJ/Liz and them both needing redemption. Their Jason connection bonds them. He thinks they are an interesting pair because of those things. He's interested to see where this relationship may go. RC also says that Monica asks Liz to be AJ's friend & he sees them as an interesting pair because they both want redemption.

RC thinks they are sweet together. He wants to throw obstacles at them and not a person between them...but never say never to that. They have enough going on with their three dads.

RC doesn't want to give away the events of NY's...Maxie's pregnancy is going full steam ahead. It will have it's complications and it's highs and lows and Spin and Ellie will be a part of the story.

She thinks she's going to start a new life in CA and that doesn't happen. She will be starting a new life in PC.

Story about surrogacy
Maxie being pregnant is Lante's Christmas miracle. RC talks about the dog visions and that it's giving a sense of foreboding. How the pressure is on Maxie not to screw up like she has in the past. The vision of the dog is foreshadowing that there could be a problem in that area. Lante are looking forward to celebrating NYE and the baby on the way...but there is a sense that something will go wrong and that will come to a head on NYE.[/quote]

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