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Dec 21 2012, 10:15 AM
Helpless Romantic
Dec 21 2012, 10:03 AM
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EJ and Kristin's "scheme" is for EJ to work with Sami at CW so he can spend time with her. Which is remarkably similar to Rafe's "scheme" of having Sami plan Gabi's wedding so he can spend time with her. Really, I don't consider either to be a scheme. I consider it to be a normal thing a guy does when he likes a girl and is trying to get her to like him too.
Actually the scheme to "plan Gabi's wedding" is all Sami, she voluntarily named herself wedding planner and enlisted Rafe's help to "tell her everything about Gabi's likes and dislikes" at the pub meeting they had when she summoned him to meet her, which is when Rafe brought up Arianna always being the one that was going to do it. This was later confirmed by Caroline when she talked to Rafe at the pub and said "don't kid yourself she is doing it all for you", meaning planning Gabi's wedding. After Rafe complimented her on doing so to Caroline.
Yep, but Rafe ran to Sami to get her "help" in befriending Gabi, which was his version of EJ's "scheme".
Sami was more than willing and even said she thought about calling him to see how the Gabi situation was after the fact. While Sami has not gone out on a limb for EJ in this he is the one trying to "impress her" and all the other BS they are trying to pull with this revamped triangle.
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