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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

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-Unless you count being Sami's boss, EJ isn't even scheming. He's just there spending time with Sami.
I thought EJ and Kristen were talking or hatching a plan at one point so EJ can be with Sami? If that isn't scheming, I don't know what is.
EJ and Kristin's "scheme" is for EJ to work with Sami at CW so he can spend time with her. Which is remarkably similar to Rafe's "scheme" of having Sami plan Gabi's wedding so he can spend time with her. Really, I don't consider either to be a scheme. I consider it to be a normal thing a guy does when he likes a girl and is trying to get her to like him too.
While I COMPLETELY agree, the way EJ keeps talking about its makes me think Tomlin thinks its a big deal scheme.
That is what I was thinking too. Why does Ej keep mentioning what he's doing as some sort of a 'scheme'...unless Tomlin is setting it up for Sami to overhear a conversation later between Kristen and EJ and think it's something else. Who knows with these writers but really, is this the only thing they can come up with?
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