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Brooke/Bill/Katie: “We have a strong stubborn alpha male with two women in his life.” Brooke the woman who loves Bill for who he is and that’s what Bill thinks a woman should do. Brooke is a live and let live type of woman while Katie is more intelligently-driven as opposed to emotionally-driven like Brooke. Katie thinks it’s her job as a wife to make Bill the man he could be and reach his fullest potential. Will Bill appreciate what Katie presents or will he be more drawn to the adoring comfort Brooke Provides.

Taylor/Brooke: They've had men who they have fought over, now it is their children. Brooke feels her children should control FC and Hope has a right to Liam. Taylor feels the opposite. Taylor feels that her family has been trampled on over the years. However, the ultimate insult was Stephanie dying in Brooke’s arms. She’s going to fight and emerge a powerhouse in 2013.

Rick/Thomas/Caroline: This will be centered on the uprising at FC. There will be peaks and valleys. Rick and Thomas will have quite a few battles in regards to Forrester, as they have different ideas in how to move the company forward.

Hope/Liam/Steffy: A few bumps and twist regarding this triangle. This is Hope’s return. Now that Liam and Steffy are tight and in a great, easy, and relaxed relationship, Hope is determined to get him back. With Brooke in her corner, these two blondes will become very formidable. However, Steffy doesn't roll over easy.

More Musical Talent. His favorite scenes are without words or very few words. The goal is to create images that go with beautiful sounds that make emotions stir.
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