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Sharon/Adam/Chelsea: This is such a delicious triangle, so Adam is going to have to make a big choice. Hes has an obsession with proving himself as a real Newman heir but will it push Chelsea away or are they going to be able to ultimately find their way back to each other? Sharon is going to emerge a much stronger woman thanks to Adam but she may be running into somebody new. Sharon and Adam are going o end up working together, how will that affect Chelsea?

Really, did I miss something? When did the so-call Sharon/Adam/Chelsea triangle became delicious? I didn't even think there was a triangle. Plus Sharon dont need to start playing musical beds with Adam anymore. For crying out loud, she is a woman with a grown kid and it must be embarrassing for her kid.

Anyway I love Adam as the evil Newman kid. He is just a younger version of Victurd and Sharon isn't Adam's version of Nikki. Chelsea is more suited for Adam. She sort of understand his inner evil thinking.

Is it me or did Billy just turned into pansy whipped man? Gosh I hate that. I loved when Billy was the male Sharon. He was a walking mattress and he was more cheerful. Now he is just ick! I never thought I would come to dislike Billy. Setting him up again with Chloe would even make him sort of more interesting than the dried up Victoria.
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