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I agree. Unfortunately, the way they've done it has pretty much stripped EJ and Sami both of any personality. Meanwhile, they've retained my least favorite part of EJ (at least as it retains to being in a relationship with Sami) in that they have him pushing her to commit before she's ready. They've never addressed that as an issue with him, but it's definitely been consistent from the beginning and it drives me crazy. They'd be in a relationship by now if he had even a fraction of the patience he bragged to Will about having. He's such a girl! IMO, having Rafe walk away makes him look a lot better. Of course since they're all going to kiss the following week, I guess it doesn't even matter anyway.

Yes, it's my least favorite aspect of how they've often written Ejami. I didn't mind EJ's pursuit of her initially because it was a pretty fresh angle for Sami back in 2006, but it's long since lost it's charm for me. That's why I actually somewhat enjoyed the Spring-Summer 2012 Ejami story because they were writing Sami as drawn to EJ in spite of herself and EJ as the confident, sexy seducer who knew he could reel her in. That made him and the pairing much more attractive IMO. Right now, EJ looks desperate which is so not sexy. But I assume that is what Tomlin wants since I think odds are decent he will have Rafe/Safe prevail in the end.

This is precisely why this lame triangle and pairing does not work. No matter how hard they try and I mean no offence, as if both were in character and not dumbed down( Sami) or in EJ's case made to look pathetic desperately chasing her and recieved better writing from the start I could have been a fan. At this point though too much has gone on that is a deterioration and dis- service to both characters and nothing at this point will sell me that she is in love with EJ in LUST yes, in love no and I would feel that way even not having a preference for her. The sugar coating and bltant ignorance of their issues by the PTB only adds to this problem when they decide to go there again and again.

While I agree that the triangle doesn't work for me as it's currently being written, I think they could write a good triangle and retain the core of the characters if they wanted to. To me, EJ and Rafe could and should represent two different sides to Sami. She should be drawn to EJ because he represents her desire for power, to get what she wants even if it hurts others and her questionable moral compass. At the same time, she should be leary of EJ because of their violent history and his tendency to lead her down a dark path that isn't what she wants for her life now. On the flip side, she should be drawn to Rafe because he represents her desire for a stable family, the fairytale romance and to be with a man who makes her family proud. At the same time, she should be leary of Rafe because he doesn't trust her and tends to try to make her somebody she's not.

To me, the most frustrating aspect of the Ejami-Safe triangle is that it actually COULD have been a good triangle. The core of the characters is enough to present a legitimate choice for Sami without writing anybody inconsistently or dumbing them down. In fact, a well-written Ejami-Safe triangle could have been used to explore who the characters really are, who they want to be and to bring some consistency to them. Instead, we got the Sydnap, summer of suck, the shooting and R2 - a bunch of disjointed plots without any sort of character consistency, insight or growth. Don't get me wrong, I love plots and drama, but the best ones are those rooted in the characters and their development.
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